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Embrace Your Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty is skin deep, quite literally! It's not about what you put on your hair or skin, it's about what you put in your body.

It seems like most of us are striving daily to defy the hands of time and prevent the aging process. We buy the most expensive cremes, go for the overpriced hair treatments, all with the hope that we’ll achieve ageless beauty. We’ll do whatever it takes! However, in more recent times, it’s been demonstrated that perhaps the most effective way to halt time and maintain that healthy glow is by digging deeper, quite literally. It’s not what you put on your face or hair that will make the difference, but rather what you put in your body. Let’s take a much closer look at how you can embrace your own beauty, regardless of your age, from the inside out.


Tone it down on the topical

When you get a pimple, what do you usually tend to do? Look for the best topical product you can find to remove that blemish. However, this only fixes the issue temporarily. For long-term effects, you must find options that will benefit your health permanently. Pimples are not necessarily always linked to poor skincare routines, but rather something deeper. We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”. This couldn’t be truer. What you put in your body is far more important than what you put on your face. There are crucial nutrients that will help prevent external worries such as acne, wrinkles, etc, by first promoting internal health. Well known supplements that contain proven extracts that help support your natural beauty and should be part of your daily routine are available. Whether it’s your hair, skin or nails, tone down the topical and embrace the indigestible.


Beauty begins from within

It should come as no surprise that health comes with what you eat. Ensuring a proper diet and hydration regimen is key for a healthy glow. From the right foods, to good exercise and even relaxation, your body and your natural beauty will benefit from it all. Sometimes however, your hair, skin and nails need an extra little nourishment to help them out. That’s where supplementation can help. Vitamins and supplements contain herbal extracts with concentrated amounts of nutrients packed into tablets, that can help nourish every inch of the body, especially your hair and skin. For example, Hair Volume, Hair Gro and Skin Care are three popular and proven supplements that help keep your hair healthy, strong and promote a youthful glow to your skin. Reclaiming your beauty is only a tablet away!

By Jennifer Soueida, B.Sc