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Banish Bad Hair Days Forever: Sweden’s “Apple a Day” Secret

Sweden’s “Apple a Day” Secret for Beautiful Hair Volume

New Nordic's philosophy of hair is simple: “Beauty from Within” with Nature's help
from without. It takes Sweden's finest natural ingredients to bring you the world’s best selling hair tablet. Because modern life takes its toll on hair, even if you watch what you eat and do everything right. Surprisingly:


Your Hair May Be Silently Starving for Nutrition

Here’s why. Long-lasting hair health starts at the cellular level with strong follicles giving you full and vibrant hair. But your hair follicles aren’t a top destination for nutrients in the body. That’s because your body prioritizes vital organs over hair follicles, especially when under stress.

And the stress hormone cortisol clobbers fragile follicles, along with your hair health, according to recent research published in the prestigious British scientific journal, Nature (1). Topping it off, “years of perming, colouring, blow drying, and chemically straightening can weaken the hair's structure, leading to breakage and thinning” as reported by Harvard Women’s Health Watch (2). So if dull, dry and lifeless hair is a problem, help’s here.


Bad Hair Day… Meet Big Apple!

Hair Volume’s pure, naturally sourced Swedish ingredients get to the root of the
problem because it’s packed with the patented apple extract, procyanidin B2. This
potent antioxidant “exhibits excellent hair-growing effects… the hair diameter and hair density… were significantly greater” for 78.9% of the control group in a premier
Japanese phytotherapy study (3).

The world’s most awarded hair tablet rounds out this winning formula with biotin, zinc, millet, and other hair vitamins that nourish your hair naturally from within to help promote thicker, fuller looking hair. Turn up the volume on beautiful and healthy hair today with Hair Volume!



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