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The Path to Vitality Begins with a Single Step

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenge, especially with a saturation of options on the market. Therefore, examining truth from myth can help you walk the path to vitality one step at a time.

People have been struggling with living a healthy lifestyle for generations. But achieving it can be an ongoing challenge filled with crash diets and dubious health fads, which can be detrimental in the long run. It can very quickly be hard to detect truth from myth. This is where the importance of proven ingredients backed by science is key. 

The supplement industry is growing more popular every day as people are becoming more conscious of what goes into their bodies. They are looking for unique, yet established products to improve their health. From the traditional apple cider vinegar to the more recent vitamin gummies, people are intrigued by the benefits that accompany such ingredients and what it means for their own way of life. But this saturation of options can be overwhelming. How do you know what to look for? Which ingredients are a fad, and which are of quality? Who can you trust?

These are all valid questions that we ask ourselves every time we are standing in front of the shelf at our local health food store, wide-eyed and unsure.

With this blog page, we will take a closer look at several issues that people are concerned with when it comes to keeping healthy, in the most natural of ways. We will keep the conversation going every other week with topics focused on proven ingredients, lifestyle aims and changes, and all-around well-being. We can help shed some light on some of the health benefits Mother Nature has available for us to use. The more knowledgeable we are, the better the decisions about our own health will be.

From hair health to the continued functioning of your legs, we will attempt to walk the path of vitality together, one step at a time. Let us begin the journey!


By Jennifer Soueida., B.Sc.